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Chest pain over the intercostal nerves. Compression of one of the 24 nerves located between the ribs and intercostal muscles, at the level of the rib cage.

Pain located at the level of the dorsal column occurring in an acute or chronic way along the spine.

Pain in the lower back, may be of muscular, disc, ligament, nervous origin…

Protrusion of the gelatinous nucleus at the periphery of the intervertebral disc which may affect nerve roots.

Compression of the sciatic nerve creating pain in the lower limb radiating to the buttocks and legs.

Sustained pain in the neck caused by muscle spasm limiting cervical movement.

Means any pain in the cervical region, whether or not radiating to the shoulder or arm, acute or chronic. Occurs during shock, repeated movements, bad posture.

Tension headaches or migraines, often temporary pain of mild to moderate intensity in the head.

Ankle sprains are very common, most commonly resulting from the foot twisting inward (inversion). Common signs are pain and swelling that are predominant in the anterolateral part of the ankle.

Plantar fasciopathy is irritation of the fascia under the foot. The latter stretches like a rope between the calcaneus (heel bone) and the toes, and has a role in supporting the sagging of the plantar arch. The pain often comes on gradually. It can be present in the morning in the form of stiffness and also increase with running on tiptoe.

Repetitive exertion during running coupled with insufficient recovery time can initially lead to inflammation of the tendon.

This is an inflammation of the periosteum, the sheath surrounding the tibia bone. Permanent pain in the inner posterior or outer front part of the leg most often occurring during running and walking.

Pain on the anterior surface or around the patella. It is one of the most common causes of consultations in clinics.

Pain localized at the lower tip of the patella. This pain increases when tensioning the tendon or during palpation.

Also called wiper syndrome, this is the consequence of a conflict between the deep surface of the fascia lata tendon and the lateral surface of the external femoral condyle during the flexion-extension movement of the knee.

Characterized by ligament damage occurring as a result of abnormal leg movement or direct trauma. The severity of the sprain depends on the ligaments affected and the nature of the lesions (ligament stretching and partial or total tearing).

Pubalgia is a progressive pain localised in the lower abdomen, the pubis and often the adductors. Also called sports technopathy with inflammation of the pubic symphysis. Pubalgia often comes from an imbalance between the abdominals and the adductors.

Hip pain has various origins: osteoarthritis, inflammation or muscle imbalance.

Inflammation of the gluteus medius tendon. Characterized by lateral hip pain, the pain may radiate into the thigh or into the knee.

Piriformis syndrome: Compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle causing pain in the buttocks and which may radiate into the leg

Compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle causing pain in the buttocks and which may radiate into the leg

A rotator cuff tendinopathy or tendinitis is a degenerative or traumatic lesion affecting the tendons of the rotator cuff.

Also called frozen shoulder, this is an inflammation of the shoulder capsule. Pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint limiting its movement.

This is damage to the shoulder joint. Corresponds to the exit of the head of the humerus outside its cavity at the level of the scapula. Occurs during a shock or application of too much force on the joint.

Compression of the nerves or arteries between the neck and the thorax. Often linked with pain and tingling in the neck, shoulder and/or hand.

An inflammation of the tendons of the epicondylar muscles on the side of the elbow often associated with a mechanism of overuse of the wrist extensors

This is an inflammation of the flexor muscles located on the inside of the elbow (medical epicondyle).

Compression or irritation of the nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel in the hand. Occurs during repetitive movements of the wrist created in friction.