Pauline Le Couteller

B.Sc Kinesiology
Registered massage therapist

Co-founder of the R.E.S.E.T. Clinic Pauline has been passionate about sports, health and wellness since she was very young. She quickly took the path of exercise science at Florida Atlantic University in the United States. In search of adventure and curious to discover new cultures, Pauline took off to Montreal where she studied kinesiology at the University of Quebec in Montreal. During her studies, she sought experience in fitness centers and rehabilitation centers where she learned more about the field. In addition to her Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, Pauline obtained a diploma in Sports Massage Therapy in 2019, specializing in sports injuries.

Amélie Guay

M.Sc Kinesiology
B.Sc Kinesitherapy
Registered massage therapist

Co-founder of the R.E.S.E.T. Clinic Amélie has always had an interest in the functioning of the human body. Passionate about biomechanics and customer contact, Amélie found her path: healing bodies with her hands. Once she finished high school, she started a bachelor's degree in physical therapy for 3 years. She started working in a multidisciplinary rehabilitation center in France for 2 years. In order to optimize the healing of her clients and wishing to deepen her knowledge in kinesiology, Amélie decided to study for a master's degree at the University of Montreal in kinesiology.

Stephania Palimeris


Stephania obtained her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2016, in Greece. She has always been fascinated by the human brain and body and the understanding of the complexity of how they work. In 2018, she moved to Montreal to pursue her graduate studies at McGill University. She aspires to dedicate her professional career to contributing to the improvement of the health and quality of life of her clients. She obtained her Master of Science in Rehabilitation, with a thesis on neurological rehabilitation and neuroplasticity of the brain.

Richard Khouri

Massage Therapist & Kinesitherapist

Richard has always had an interest in health care, sports recovery, anatomy and well-being. Of Lebanese origin, he obtained his degree in Physiotherapy from La Sagesse University in Lebanon. Passionate about rehabilitation, biomechanics and manual therapy, he decided to pursue his studies in Montreal, where he completed a massage therapy course specializing in sports massage.

Victor Rossard

Osteopath, Running Specialist

A sportsman from an early age, Victor devoted all his spare time to triathlon between 2010 and 2017, where he competed at the highest level in France, winning several national and regional titles and taking part in a European Cup and a Half-Ironman. He quickly realized that understanding training planning and osteopathy were essential to performing at the highest level. Naturally, he embarked on his dual project with passion. He obtained his bachelor's degree in Sports Training in Toulouse (France-2017), and his diploma in Triathlon Training, before moving on to study osteopathy in Bordeaux (France-2022).

Having these two diplomas enables him to fully support athletes and guide them towards their goals. Finally, thirsting for adventure and open-mindedness, Victor decided to settle in Montreal in January 2023 and didn't miss the opportunity to evolve professionally by becoming a certified health professional and coach at "La clinique du coureur". Theoretical and practical knowledge based on the most reliable and up-to-date scientific evidence enables him to deepen his knowledge.

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